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miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008

Kaká, according to Pelé,

... ''is the outstanding talent of the moment”
Kaká, the athlete whom Pelé described as “the outstanding talent of the moment” and who was named in Time Magazine 100 most influential people in the world, is less concerned with what people think of him and more on what God thinks.
The title of best fútbol (”soccer”) player on the planet is not as important as the title he has proclaimed to the world ”I belong to Jesus”.
The Brazilian soccer legend in the making believes in the importance of sharing the love of Jesus Christ in word and deed. Kaká has become the “Ambassador Against Hunger” for the World Food Program of the U.N. as he has actively worked to uplift those who are struggling in poverty all over the world.

As a believer in Jesus Christ he understands that faith is not just manifested through words but also through action as Jesus said of the righteous “I was hungry, and you gave me food.”
In a world that glorifies the rich and famous, it is refreshing to see Kaká has not become caught in the trap of self importance but instead has pointed the direction on the one who deserves all the glory, Jesus Christ.
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