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martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

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History of Trampoline

By jeffchap1979 on March 18, 2012

Have you ever wondered how and why trampoline were invented? Was this by accident or did someone decided that it is time to invent something people will jump on? And finally, who is that guy who made it? Let us try to answer those questions…

The idea of throwing people in the air has been around long before modern trampoline were invented. People from the Artic regions, the Inuits, invented first trampolines from walrus skin (acting trampoline mats) and other people acting as springs. Europeans and probably Americans also did that but with blankets (children are even doing this today).

Who invented trampoline?

Some romours say that circus performer and trapeze artist Du Trampolin came up with first version of trampoline. First, he used trapeze net as a safety net if he would fell. But, he found out that if trepeze net is intently tightened then it can act as bouncing bed to jump high in the air.

No one knows if this really true ot it is just a fairy tale, but this romour was base of modern trampolines used by trampoline inventors.

In 1934, men named Larry Griswold, which was gymnastics and diver, and George Nissen, tumbler on the gymnastics team, expanded original design of trampoline, using piece of stretched canvas attached to frame by coiled springs. Term „trampoline“ was decided based on spanish word „Trampolin“ which on english means „diving board“.

After that company named „The Griswold-Nissen Trampoline and Tumbling Company“ was established and rest is history.
Even doe first were primarily made for gymnastics, trampolines were recognized as good training tool used for balance and stamina, they were adopted by all other avenues as part of training equipment.

Navy Flight School, NASA and other space agencies, they all recognized trampoline as perfect solution for pilots and astronauts.
Finally, in year 2000, Olympics comitee accepted trampolining as part of official Olympic discipline. Gymnasts need to perform various acrobatic stunts while bouncing on trampoline.

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