''Como mejor se defiente a la libertad de expressión es ejerciéndola'' * Estimado profesor:
Quien apoya a la libertad de expresión está ayudando a proteger a las demás libertades. Practicar el periodismo desde los primeros años de tus alumnos les da un buen motivo para escribir, que es cautivar a los lectores. Se requiere la creación de un periódico estudiantil por cada escuela en el mundo. Empieza hoy con el tuyo.

jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

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Google Presents YouTube for Schools, Makes Video World Safe for Teachers

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On YouTube, the path to education is as narrow and as difficult to walk as a razor’s edge. Left to their own devices, kids have a tendency to veer away from the math tutorials and head straight for the water-skiing squirrels. What’s an educator to do? Google believes it has the answer with “YouTube for [...]

Steve Jobs Muses on What’s Wrong with American Education, 1995

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In late October, Computerworld unearthed a lengthy interview with Steve Jobs originally recorded back in 1995, when Jobs was at NeXT Computer, and still two years away from his triumphant return to Apple. Filmed as part of an oral history project, the wide-ranging interview begins with Jobs’ childhood and his early school days, and it [...]

Paola Antonelli on Design as the Interface Between Progress and Humanity

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Paola Antonelli — Senior Curator of Architecture and Design at the MoMA, longtime proponent of humanized technology, self-described “curious octopus” — has arguably done more for the mainstream infiltration of design literacy than any other individual in contemporary culture. In her recent opening keynote at the unequivocally titled media and ideas conference The Conference in [...]

Biblioburro: Library on a Donkey

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For more than a decade, Luis Soriano, a primary school teacher, has traveled the rugged terrain of Colombia by donkey, delivering books to children in hundreds of rural villages. The project, powered by his two donkeys Alfa and Beto, goes by the name “Biblioburro.” And it seeks to promote literacy in areas where access to books [...]

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